Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Does Sucking Really Suck?

Does Sucking Really Suck

I hope to do some sucking tonite.  What's implied in the phrase "that sucks" is that sucking is bad, of course, unless you are getting blown.  It's bad if you are a man doing the sucking because men shouldn't do women's work.  It's good if women do the sucking because that's what the bitches should do.  Hmmmm . . . but sucking has been so mainstreamed that no one bothers to think about this stuff, including most suckers, homosexual, women, or otherwise.  Why is sucking such a mainstream perjorative and when did its meaning get so divorced from oral sex that it's okay for grownups to say "that sucks," or even "that blows" in front of kids?  This reminds me of an episode on the bleeding edge of the mainstreaming process.  It was at the check-out counter when the young clerk commented on the "Flying Dog" beer in my basket.  He said "that beer is ass!"  To this day, I do not exactly know what he meant.  Was it a thumbs up or condemnation?  Our parents went through this with "bad."  We're a much more colorful generation.