Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wynn is a winner

Austin Business Journal - 5:30 PM CDT Monday
Wynn leads rally to defeat gay marriage ban

Austin Mayor Will Wynn joined other area politicians in front of Austin City Hall at a rally organized by the anti-Proposition 2 political action committee No Nonsense in November to speak out against the proposition's definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

"The First Amendment of the American Constitution prevents us from making any laws that codify religious values," Wynn says. "I understand full well that a lot of well-intentioned folks oppose gay marriage on the basis of their religious beliefs. And, I respect the First Amendment rights of these citizens to speak their minds about their opinions. I don't, however, want their, or my, feelings and thoughts about religion put into law."

Also present were city councilmembers Brewster McCracken, Lee Leffingwell, Raul Alvarez and Betty Dunkerly, state representatives Mark Strama and Elliott Naishtat, county commissioner Karen Sonleitner, and county constables Bruce Elfant and Maria Canchola, according to No Nonsense Travis County coordinator Celia Israel.

No Nonsense is a "PAC funded by contributions from different friends just to fight this amendment," Israel says.

The Texas Ethics Commission lists former state representative Glen Maxey as treasurer of No Nonsense in November.

The organization raised $160, 746 and spent $85,680 from July 14 though Sept. 29, 2005, according to its latest campaign finance report filed with the Commission.

Wynn invoked his sixth-generation Austin heritage to help defeat the proposed constitutional amendment.

"One of the great cultural characteristics of Texas is that, here, we mind our own business," he says. "So, let's just not get into the habit of taking our opinions and trying to turn them into the laws of the land, particularly constitutional amendments. Every time we let this happen, we lose a big part of what it is to be of and from the Great State of Texas."

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