Friday, April 04, 2003

My Support for the War (such that it is)

My Support for the War (such that it is)

I support and oppose lots of things that I personally do not have the time, and often the capability, to participate in.  For instance, I support dolphin-safe tuna,but perhaps not enough to get into a Greenpeace speedboat and throw myself in front of a Russian trawler.  I also support the Equal Rights Amendment, but I doubt that I'll ever find myself testifying on Capitol Hill.  I also disagree with some of the plays called by UT quarterbacks, but it's even less likely that UT Athletics will be seeking my counsel than either Greenpeace or the ERA movement.  Similarly, I'm pro-choice, but I've never encircled a clinic in its defense.  I have testified in the Texas capitol on gay rights adoption, testified before the Austin City Council against overzealous church expansionism in neighborhoods, marched for gay rights, laid on train tracks to protest the Gulf War, written letters to various elected officials for various issues that I no longer remember, and spoken to audiences on the importance of preserving our civil liberties.... yet, I can't consider myself any more or any less firm in my convictions or any less hypocritical than someone who did not choose to engage in any of these activities.  As political beings, we choose our fights.  It's a personal choice, but the choosing alone does not belie hypocrisy.  Modern war is conducted by professional experts.  It's best that way, especially if we want to win.  My support for the war (such that it is) is not diminished because I do not personally bear arms in the conflict.



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