Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Passed Over

Passed Over
My weekend was all about eating.  Friday night has already been sucked into the fog, but I recall that Saturday was breakfast at Steven's followed by a Tivo binge at my place (Extreme Engineering, Will and Grace, Friends, Enterprise) and capped by a nice evening walk to the Hyde Park neighborhood wine tasting.  Sunday began with the sleepy realization that HEB was closed and the brief but frantic search for alternatives since we were committed to bringing greens and starchy things to some friends' house for Easter brunch. Fortunately, the pagans of Whole Foods were open and we exchanged a small fortune for a correspondingly small, albeit attractive and organicky haul of asparagus, black seasame seeds, congealed coconut oil, toasted peanut oil, cilantro, yellow potatoes, gyrure (sp?), orange juice, and a rare Klingon vegetable that we humans call "celery root."  We added a couple bottles of bubbly to our load and journeyed to our friends's home in Barton Springs and paired our food stuffs with their spinach-stuffed-lamb-of-God-leg and bedeviled eggs.  Yum.  We ate for about 5 hours and then limped through their neighborhood gawking and cackling, at the nicer homes and the inferior homes, respectively.  What a fun game!

...then we had to do it all over again at 7pm because I had doubled-booked us.  A simple mistake really.  I told one set of friends that we'd join them for Easter and another that we'd join them on Sunday, April 20th.  So by the end of the evening, with no unleaven bread in sight, there was not a chance that any of us gay first borns had any chance of rolling along with an exodus, let alone outrunning the angel of death.



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